Interdisciplinary Center for Physical, Chemical and Medical Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences (ICNFCM)

  • November 4, 2011 – chemical and physical sciences for medical applications
  • Institute of Pharmacology PAS, Institute of Nuclear Physics PAS, ICSC PAS, Institute of Botany PAS
  • interdisciplinary research and development in the field of physics and biophysics, physiology and medicine, chemistry and biochemistry, pharmacology and biotechnology, and related sciences.


National Consortium “Polish Synchrotron”

  • April 21, 2008 – physics, chemistry
  • coordinator: Jagiellonian University + 33 partners
  • construction and operation of a modern synchrotron source of electromagnetic radiation, physics, surface chemistry


Consortium for Poland’s participation in the European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science (E-RIHS PL)

  • October 20, 2015 – research on cultural heritage, conservation of monuments, chemistry, physics
  • Nicolaus Copernicus University (coordinator), Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, AGH University of Science and Technology, Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, ICSC PAS, Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery PAS, National Museum in Krakow, National Center for Nuclear Research, Warsaw University of Technology, Jagiellonian University, University of Economics in Krakow, University of Warsaw, University of Wroclaw


Scientific Consortium “PHATTechMat” implementing the TECHMATSTRATEG (NCBR) project “Technology of biorefining of vegetable oils for the production of advanced composite materials”

  • June 04, 2018 – microbiology, biotechnology, medical bioengineering
  • ICSC PAS (leader), AGH Krakow University of Technology, Medical University of Warsaw, Smart Labs sp. z o.o.

    Consortium EIG Concert Japan „Outperforming functionality: composite/mixed matrix porous materials in membrane-based processes (X-MEM)”

  • May 14, 2019 – chemistry
  • University of Cantabria (lider), Yamaguchi University, Ege University, Atilim University, Hacettepe University i Jerzy Haber Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences


Consortium for the implementation of the project “Nuclear magnetic resonance – a platform for interdisciplinary physico-chemical research”

  • 13/06/2018 – chemistry, physics, NMR spectrometry
  • CBMiM PAN (consortium leader), UWM in Olsztyn, UW, IKiFP PAN, IFM PAN, Silesian Intercollegiate Center for Interdisciplinary Education and Research


Joint Laboratory of Biotechnology and Enzymatic Catalysis

  • Joint laboratory of IKiFP PAN and the Institute of Plant Physiology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, established in 2002. The laboratory conducts research in the disciplines of chemistry, biological sciences and agricultural sciences.
  • ICSC PAS, Institute of Plant Physiology PAS


Awangarda Initiative – “International industry cooperation in the areas of Smart Specializations (Lesser Poland Initiative)


Cooperation agreement within the Klaster Life Science Foundation

  • November 25, 2014 – life sciences, biotechnology, biochemistry, materials engineering
  • ICSC PAS, Life Science Cluster
  • vision of developing an innovation ecosystem in the area of biotechnology and life science from the Southern Poland macroregion – Combining and developing resources and competences in the area of life science in order to effectively use both existing possibilities and opportunities related to the development of an innovative knowledge-based economy


Cooperation agreement with the Wawel Royal Castle

  • October 24, 2022 – chemistry, materials engineering
  • ICSC PAS, Wawel Royal Castle
  • Cooperation in the field of collection management based on scientific data, risk analysis, development and implementation of activities in the field of protection of museum collections, use of non-destructive methods for examining cultural heritage objects and substantive support in the design of rooms for the exhibition and storage of heritage objects. The cooperation is intended to contribute to more effective protection and wider provision of resources to society and thus support the implementation of WAWEL’s statutory goals.


Research Agreement “Magnetic Anisortopy Grafting by means of Atomic Level CHEMIcal engineering at film Interfaces (MAG-ALCHEMI)”

  • 08/08/2017 – chemistry, physics
  • CERIC-ERIC, Elettra, Jagiellonian University, AGH, ICSC PAS
  • Developing new means to tune the magnetic state of matter by appropriately modifying the interface chemistry


Membership Confirmation Form of Belt & Road Cultural Heritage Conservation and Sci-Tech Innovation Alliance (BRCSIA)

  • April 25, 2019 – protection of cultural heritage
  • ICSC PAS, Northwestern Polytechnical University
  • Promoting the scientific research, cultural exchange and protecting of cultural heritage in countries and regions along the Belt and Road areas