We are the only scientific institution in Poland and one of very few in the world specialized in research on catalysis and the physics and chemistry of surfaces Through research combining significant aspects of chemistry, physics, chemical technology, material engineering, biology and medicine, we are committed to in-depth understanding of phenomena and material transformations occurring at gas-solid, gas-liquid and liquid-solid interfaces.

Our fundamental theoretical and experimental studies are combined with applied research so that the results obtained are used in protection of health, environment and cultural heritage, as well as to improve technological processes.

The research activity of the Institute spans four fundamental areas:

  1. Catalytic processes and materials for sustainable development
  2. Physics and chemistry of surfaces and nanostructures – experiment and theory
  3. Nanostructures of soft matter
  4. Physics and chemistry in cultural heritage protection
ICSC PAS building in Cracow

The Institute currently employs 68 researchers of whom 30 professors and senior researchers with the degree of doktor habiblitowany who lead research and train young collaborators. We have nine research groups and five specialized laboratories.

We have our own doctoral programme in theoretical basis and methods of surface studies and we participate in diverse joint programmes of Krakow’s educational and research institutions. 34 doctoral students engage in innovative research projects and make use of our unique instrumentation.

The Institute has a long-standing tradition of animating research in the field of catalysis and surface science in Poland. For over fifty years, we have organised the annual National Catalytic Colloquium, a key event for the research community in the field.

We are involved in extensive international cooperation. e participate in numerous bilateral international collaboration schemes, as well as research projects of the successive Framework Programmes of the European Union and the European Economic Area. We actively co-establish actions of the COST Initiative.

In the latest research quality evaluation by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, we were granted the highest A+ scientific category.

In 2018, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of establishment and activity of our Institute as an independent unit of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Learn more about our history.