Statutory Research

Catalytic processes and materials for sustainable development

  1. Experimental and computational studies on selected enzymes of application potential (prof. T. Borowski)
  2. Bacterial biopolymers as a source of hydroxyacids for use as HBD-type components for the production of deep eutectic solvents (DES) (dr hab. M. Guzik, IKiFP PAN)
  3. Interaction of materials of natural origin with mammalian cells (dr T. Witko)
  4. New peroxo- and polyoxo- compounds of Mo (VI), W (VI) and V (V). Synthesis, structural studies and applications in oxidation processes (prof. W. Łasocha)
  5. Studies of structural effects and influence of support on the activity of bimetallic copper-nickel catalysts (dr hab. D. Rutkowska-Żbik, prof. IKiFP PAN)

Surface chemistry and nanostructures of soft matter

6. Mechanisms and kinetics of protein immobilization at solid/electrolyte interfaces: Mechanisms of human serum albumin corona formation at polymer and silica microparticle carriers (dr hab. M. Oćwieja, prof. IKiFP PAN)
7. Fluorescent metal nanocluster monolayers of controlled structure and electrokinetic properties prepared on surfaces of colloidal carriers (dr hab. M. Oćwieja, prof. IKiFP PAN)
8. Mechanical properties of biological systems, modeling on the micrometer scale (ScD J Barbasz)
9.Structural, Electron Properties and Dynamics of Surface and Nanostructures Studied with Microscopic and Spectroscopic Techniques Radiation in the Ultra High Vacuum Conditions (prof. N. Spiridis)
10. Computer-aided design of hybrid nanoparticles for cancer theranostics applications (prof. T. Pańczyk)
11. Determination of Mechanisms of Synthesis, Structure, and Transport Parameters of Supported Colloidal Particle Multilayers (dr hab. P. Weroński, prof. IKiFP PAN)
12. Theranostic nanocarriers of anti-cancer substances (dr hab. K. Szczepanowicz, prof. IKiFP PAN)
13. Kinetics of coalescence in water-in-water emulsions (dr hab. Zawała, prof. IKiFP PAN)
14. Natural and modified polysaccharides as stabilizers of surface films, foams and emulsions (prof. P. Warszyński)
15. New electrolyte materials for solid oxide fuel cells with reduced operating temperature (dr hab. K. Szczepanowicz, prof. IKiFP PAN – dr hab. M. Mosiałek)
16. Influence of severe plastic deformation of Mg on the properties of phosphate layers(dr hab. K. Szczepanowicz, prof. IKiFP PAN – dr inż. G. Mordarski)
17. Molecular aspects of protein conformational stability in the context of the formation of amyloid superstructures (prof. B. Jachimska)

Physical Chemistry in the Protection of Cultural Heritage

  1. Quantitative Assessment of Risk to Heritage Objects Due to Microclimatic Conditions in the Environment
    (ScD Ł. Bratasz, prof. IKiFP PAN)