Interfacial Interactions in Dispersed Systems

Tematyka Badawcza

Research Topics

  • kinetics of dynamic adsorption layer formation
  • hydrodynamics of micro-objects in solutions of surface-active substances
  • influence of dynamic adsorption layer on stability of liquid films under dynamic and static conditions
  • kinetics of the three-phase contact formation at solid surfaces of different hydrophobicity and topography
  • theoretical description of micro-objects dynamics and drainage of liquid films (Computational Fluid Dynamics, hydrodynamics models)


  • Ultra-fast video registration of micro-objects dynamics (high-speed cameras – up to 10 000 fps)
  • Interferometric measurements of kinetics of drainage of thin liquid films under dynamic and static conditions
  • Measurements of kinetics of the three-phase contact formation
  • Measurements of interfacial tension using pendant drop or submerged bubble techniques (adsorption kinetics from 10 s to few hours)
  • Measurements of dynamic Surface tension using maximum bubble pressure technique (adsorption kinetics from od 0.01 to 40 s)
  • Measurements of contact angle
  • Theoretical methods fordescription of dynamics of micro-objects and kinetics of liquid film drainage
  • Digital Image Analysis
  • Theoretical methods for describing the motion of micro-objects in a liquid and the kinetics of leakage of liquid films


  • Elaboration of precise single bubble and single droplet generators, allowing control over an adsorption coverage at liquid/gas and liquid/liquid interface
  • Determination, on the basis of quantitative mesurements of liquid film drainage kinetics, of influence of the dynamic adsorption layer on stability of foam films
  • Determination of mechanism of synergistic effect observed in mixed solutions of Surface-active substances in two-phase (foams) and three-phase (flotation) systems
  • Determination of influence of hydrophobic solid surface topography on hydrodynamic boundary conditions at the solid/liquid interface (experiments and numerical calculations)
  • Determination of energetic profiles associated with the bubble collision with various interfaces in liquid