Call for research assistant in the Soft Matter Nanostructures group

Jerzy Haber Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry PAS invites applications for an assistant in the Soft Matter Nanostructures group.

The candidates who meet the conditions stated in the act “Ustawa o Polskiej Akademii Nauk” dated 30 April 2010 (Dz.U. 2018 poz. 1475 z póź. zm.), art 89. Ust. 4 for the position of Assistant are encouraged to apply for the position.

The Candidate will take part in research conducted by the group of Soft Matter Nanostructures and Electrochemistry and Corrosion Laboratory, which focuses on electrochemistry, corrosion, electrodeposition of metals and alloys, and anodization.

In particular the Assistant will be responsible for:

  • research on corrosion of metal alloys (mainly Al, Mg, and Ti alloys) in aqueous media simulating industrial and physiological conditions of exploitation;
  •  development of methods for deposition of functional coatings on metal and alloy surfaces for their enhanced corrosion resistance;
  • electrochemical deposition of metallic coatings (for example, Cu, Ni, Zn and alloys thereof) and composite materials, and examination of their physicochemical properties;
  • conducting experiments in salt spray chambers;
  • analysis of the results and preparation of scientific publications.

KSN 9-2023 Assistant-eng1


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